What People Say 

About six months ago, due to stress and life events my blood pressure went up very high and I could not control it. The doctor wanted to put me on medication if it could not get under control. I did not want to go on the meds they give you for high blood pressure so instead went to Lauren. I am amazed on how fast and how well the tea formula she gave me worked. Before my BP was 165/85 sometimes higher. Now it stays a steady 127/68. I no longer feel the anxiety that comes with it as well. Thank you Lauren! Am grateful to you.


I just wanted to thank you for being such a huge help to me. I so believe your herbal remedies of tea and tinctures helped me with me ovarian cyst. Just had another ultra sound and exam and it has shrunk quite a bit and no more pain. Thank you.


I met Lauren at a community presentation on ticks by Larry Dapsis.  Lauren talked about herbs and how they helped her with her Lyme disease.  I wanted to find out more about plants and how they could help us.  My daughter wound up making an appointment with Lauren before me and was feeling great with teas and tinctures that Lauren had suggested.  

I made my appointment and after a thorough history, my teas and tinctures helped me lose weight,  breath better (asthma) and have less ankle swelling from a medication prescribed for high blood pressure.  We are continuing to work on some other issues.  I feel better just going to talk with Lauren at my appointments.  She is so very supportive.

I have taken many of Lauren’s educational classes ( which I highly recommend) and have attended several of her women’s circles.

Lauren is not only a qualified, experienced and extremely knowledgeable herbalist,  she is a compassionate counselor and has an unbelievable relationship with the earth and plants.


The herbs -- They seem to be a nice combination for me. I definitely have more energy, feel better, just kind of in general. I'm not sure what more I could ask for, because at this point it's mostly a need to work less and sleep more, if I do feel exhaustion coming on. But for the most part these days, I feel like I can get up, go to work, have fun, do things, come home, and still feel like myself and....do more things! So they are amazing. 


My work with Lauren has certainly been none other than transformative.  Getting in touch with a side of myself that has been long stored away has helped focus on the right things towards continuing the work that I feel like I’ve been sent here to do, and also just healing those parts that have been long forgotten.  I still have a long while to go, but with Lauren’s council, I feel confident that these things will be resolved in a matter of time.  Thank you, Lauren!


I am grateful to have begun this journey with Lauren to explore herbs to help with the physical reactions to post pardom anxiety and discovering the sources through energy work. Lauren has worked with me thoroughly with teas and tinctures along with sessions that have made me appreciate and understand the origins of my anxiety. My times with Lauren have been filled with the strength of being a woman, nurturing, and love. I am grateful to experience this growth with Lauren and be a more centered and strong role model for my daughter.


Lauren Valle sits and listens with you deeper than you listen to yourself. She is patient and grounded, and her nurturing attention is the most honest and authentic treatment I could have hoped for. Lauren managed to distill behavioral, nutritional, and herbal supplemental recommendations into a straight forward plan that helped me address very real symptoms of exhaustion.

I feel lucky to have Lauren as my urban herbalist, and I recommend her services whole-heartedly. J.D.

Working with Lauren is very interesting.  It opens up other aspects of your life that have a connection to the pain you feel in order to relieve the pain.  L.J.

Lauren is an incredibly talented, knowledgeable and sincerely compassionate healer who is wise beyond her years. The community is so fortunate to have a healer that so lovingly draws from a wide range of healing modalities, choosing carefully to create individulally tailored sessions. Some of these require a fair amount of preparation and she is always energetic and ready. She can really see and hear you with patience and kindess but also knows when to be more direct without being judgemental or pushy. Healing is an art and science that she is gifted in and I am sure will continue to grow in her knowledge to support and amaze her clients. She is inspirational, fun, artistic and boosted me on my healing path. V.O. 

Your herbs are working.  Digestive system is working better and I have more energy.  Notice the later in the last two weeks.  It is taking some time but worth it.  I’ll stick with the program and then some.....

Thanks so much. G.D.