Wellness Consultations

A wellness consultation is an opportunity to tell your story in a supported environment with the intention of shifting the patterns in your life that no longer serve you so that you can walk a path of greater health and wellbeing. 

Working with me is complimentary to allopathic (conventional) medicine and other healing modalities.  

I formulate herbal medicines and recommend diet and lifestyle changes to support you. We also explore the root causes of disease and imbalance so that you can walk in your own skin. I also incorporate Plant Spirit Healing and Reiki energy work into healing sessions, we will discuss if this is appropriate for you.

In the year 2018 we have great knowledge about how our bodies work and an herbal and nutritional pharmacopoeia available to all of us that is both ancient and cutting-edge. It it my goal to share my knowledge of herbs, nutrition and the body with you; to be a collaborator and guide; to offer suggestions; to give you back your power and connect you to your own vital force so that you can heal. 

During our initial intake I ask many questions so I can hear your story. We will discuss your constitution (the characteristics you were born with), each organ system and how it is affecting the whole, your current symptoms and your health goals. We will weave in the principles of Ayurveda, Traditional Chinese Medicine and other healing systems.

Together we will design a simple herbal protocol that is realistic for you to follow. We will track your progress over time.  

You are welcome to come for as many sessions as you would like at whatever pace you would like. Most clients find that it takes at least three sessions to see a lasting shift in patterns. 

Wellness consultations are educational sessions only and are not intended to replace conventional medical care. Community herbalists are not licensed health care practitioners. Unlike Europe, the United States does not regulate and certify herbalists. My herbal medicine practice is rooted in a wise woman tradition that has been passed down through our ancestors. All of our ancestors worked with plants to heal.

Not sure whether this is the right fit for you? I offer free 15 minute conversations by phone or in person so you can decide. Get in touch. 

The first session 

The first session usually lasts about 1.5-2 hours. During this time we will do an initial intake as well as work together to get your healing moving.

A few days following the initial session you'll receive recommendations for herbal formulas and supplements. The choice is always yours as to what you decide to take and I deeply encourage you to follow your own intuition. I have many herbs on hand in my apothecary and can order most things I don't have in the office for you. You are also free to buy herbs and supplements elsewhere. The herbs that I keep in the office I organically grow in my gardens, sustainably wild-craft or source from people I know and trust. I am extremely selective about who I buy herbs from. Most of my suppliers I know personally or are well-regarded in the herbal community.

The cost of herbs  is not included in the consultation price.

You can expect to budget between $30-$100/month to meaningfully incorporate herbal medicine into your life. 

Follow up sessions

Follow up sessions last between 1-1.5 hours. We will continue to build on our initial session, make changes to your herbal protocol, do energy work and track changes to your health and well-being. 

Distance Sessions

I offer distance sessions by phone 

For distance sessions I will ask you to fill out an intake form beforehand, then we will schedule an initial phone call and a follow up phone call. 

Follow up sessions are 1-2 phone calls, depending on the work being done. 


Initial session: $115

Follow up session: $60

Three session package: $210

Includes initial session and two follow up sessions for 1 person.

Payment is due at each session. Cash or check only, or pay online. 

If you need to make alternative payment arrangements due to your financial circumstances, please get in touch.  I am open to bartering or trade.


  • Please bring any supplements, herbs, vitamins and medications that you are taking with you to your appointment.

  • Please bring any current blood work you have with you to your appointment.

  • Please bring a notebook to take notes for yourself if you wish. You will receive a list of recommendations as well.

  • Kinship's healing sessions are not intended to replace medical care. Sessions are educational and are not intended to treat disease but to support health. Please always see your doctor for pressing medical concerns.

Pay for a session

Please pay online if you are scheduling a distance session. If you are seeing me in person you can pay with a cash or check at the time of your appointment or you can pay online. 

Please note that Paypal charges a fee of 2.9% and the fees listed below reflect this. 

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