So many of us have had our power taken from us when it comes to healing our own bodies. Perhaps we have been made to feel that we are not in control. That there is nothing we can do to heal ourselves except to take pills that our doctor prescribes us. Perhaps we have been given a diagnosis that is meant to define us and limit our lives. Perhaps we sense that our bodies are out of balance or we are experiencing confusing symptoms and we don't know where to turn for answers or what the root cause may be. Perhaps we sense that something is missing, that something is not whole, and we know there isn't a "prescription" for it.  

 I operate from the truth that there is always healing available to us. No matter what diagnosis we have been given or how badly we may feel, each one of us living in a human body has the opportunity to tap into our vital force, our "healer within", to guide us on a journey back to health. The body knows how to heal itself. It is our job to remove the barriers that are preventing this natural process (and yes, sometimes they feel big!) and to give the body what it needs in the form of nutrition, herbs, movement, rest and fulfilling our needs.   

 Illness and disharmony in the body ask us to examine who we are, the patterns that govern our lives and the belief systems that define us. They present us with an opportunity to work through our darkness ( be it abuse, painful memories, feelings of lack, despair, hurt, abandonment, inadequacy, repression, lack of nourishment, fear, self-loathing, avoidance, anger, grief, anxiety, procrastination, malaise...the list goes on) so  that we can come home to ourselves. The body is a home for the light of our spirit to shine through.