Kinship is the  practice of community herbalist and healer Lauren Valle located at the Waquoit Healing Arts Center in East Falmouth, Massachusetts.

My primary focus is traditional herbal medicine and energetic practices that complement physical healing. I am a certified Plant Spirit Healer. As a community herbalist and healer I don't diagnose, treat or cure medical conditions.

Working with me is complimentary to allopathic (conventional) medicine and other healing modalities. 

In a session we consider your physical body and current symptoms as well as your mental, emotional and spiritual identity all to be equal parts of who you are. 

I formulate herbal medicines and recommend diet and lifestyle changes to support you. We also engage in work to identify and release the root causes of disease and imbalance so that you can walk in your own skin. 

Along with herbs, we may work with meditation, the spirits of the plants, stones, breath, philosophy, fear, personal objects, laughter, joy, music and silence. We may work lying down, sitting, standing up or moving around. 

It is my intention to meet you where you are at. You are invited to show up with an openness to change and a willingness to allow the journey to unfold as it will. 

What is healing?


 It is embracing our constantly changing nature.  It is letting go of what no longer serves us and gathering what we need. 


 It is weaving ourselves back into the web of nature. It is accepting our wounds as sacred and joy as a birthright.


It is knowing we are a part of a community, that we are supported and that our lives matter.

 It is trusting that the body heals itself naturally and quickly when given the opportunity. It is being in relationship with ourselves and with the medicine around us. 


It is opening our hearts to the beauty of birth and death and all the occurs in between. 

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